The entrance hall of a Roman bathhouse, with a marble floor, basin, bust of Apollo and two columns

Stage 9: thermae

The Romans loved going to the thermae - the public baths - and the Pompeians were no exception. The town had three baths, and a fourth was under construction! Every day, people went to baths where they could exercise, wash and clean themselves, relax and meet friends.

Language activities


Sorting Words asks you to drag and drop words to sort them by meaning, case, etc.

Words Endings gives you a sentence in English together with the same sentence in Latin, but with one or more endings to be chosen from a drop down list.

Vocab Testers are against the clock, multiple choice or type in, and can be set to all words in this stage, up to this stage, etc.

Reviewing the Language exercises are digital versions of exercises towards the back of the CLC textbooks.